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The Philips G6 range was marketed in the late sixties using aggressive promotional campaigns.  The Plates below show pages from actual catalogues of the era (click on an image for a full on experience!).


Plate 1 – The Single Standard G6


Plate 2 – A Selection of G6 Receivers

Many thanks go to Stewart for providing images in Plate 1 and Plate 2 above.

Thanks to Richard for the following images in Plates 3 to 5 (below).


Plate 3 – The Model 500 Consolette


Plate 4 – A Selection of G6 Receivers


Plate 5 – A Selection of G6 Receivers

Plate 6 below shows one of the rarest of the G6 dual standard receivers the G22K503.  If you have one of these please send me some photographs of it.


Plate 6 – The Rare Model 503

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