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Stella History (under development)

John (Heatercathodeshort) has kindly provided some useful background about the Stella Brand in relation to Philips circa late 1960s.

“Stella was the WHOLESALER brand at that time for Philips. The differences [between the sets] were cosmetic.  To sell Philips products you had to be an accredited dealer with an account with Philips Electrical direct. To gain a wider market for their product, manufacturers sold their receivers under another name I.E. Invicta for PYE. Marconi for EMI. Marconi again for Ferguson. Stella for Philips etc to wholesalers. [Brown Brothers for one] Any electrical shop could purchase by cash or account from from a wholesaler without the strict conditions of a dealership. Wholesalers were an essential part of business and could often supply a receiver at very short notice when supplies direct from the manufacturers were on allocation.  It’s as simple as that. It just gave manufacturers an opening for sales. They were cosmetically different but only just, to prevent accredited dealers from complaining that their agency was being undermined by what they considered to be ‘shabby’ dealers. The trade had an incredibly snobby attitude back then.”

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