The British Pye brand had connections with Philips during the 1960s-1970s period.

Dazzelvison has advised:

“In 1967, Philips took a controlling interest (70%) in the then ailing Pye and they gave an undertaking to allow Pye a degree of independence for ten years and that is why Pye designed and produced their own colour TV chassis until the arrival of the G11.  Even so, Pye chassis very soon began using Philips tuners, LOPT and scan coils. There was the “co-production” of the 18″ colour sets using the mix of Philips and Pye printed panels and (after their 625 lines only hybrid mono chassis) Pye produced large screen mono sets using Philips designed chassis.

The Pye factory was in Lowestoft and the Philips factory in Croydon. When the G11 arrived, the Pye sets were made in Lowestoft and the Philips sets in Croydon. Pye sets had serial numbers begining “HU” and Philips “BA”. I’m pretty sure that G11 Dynatron sets would have been made in Lowestoft and a check on their serial numbers should confirm this.

In fact, UK production (but not design) continued after the G11 and I have a 26″ Philips K30 chassis set with a “BA” serial number.

The Pye Lowestoft factory closed in 1982 and the Philips Croydon in 1988.”

Robert (bobbyball) added:

“There is of course no correlation between “Philips” and “Pye” chassis through much of the 1970s, as, although Pye had been “assimilated” into the Philips empire, the “deal” as far as I can make out was to allow them to keep using their own designs until such and such a date, after which “Pye” branded sets were in fact Philips designs – such as the G11 for example. I think there were at first separate factories making the “same” chassis as there were definitely “Philips” G11′s and “Pye” G11′s for a while.

The first Dynatron sets were indeed the Pye hybrid chassis which continued through it’s many incarnations as Glyn describes until the Pye “solid state” 110 degree delta tube chassis was similarly “tweaked” and given a fancy cabinet and the Dynatron name:

[Welsh Anorak – “The Pye 697 was the last outing for the grandly titled Pye Colour Television Chassis from 1967 which was their dual standard colour. It became the single standard 691, then 693 before gaining a printed timebase panel which resembled toast after a few years.  Basically a good design became an unloved chassis as production costs were slashed and corners cut.  I’d like to think the Dynatron versions were ‘specially selected’, but realistically I think they lasted longer because the typical Dynatron viewer watched less TV!”,

Eventually the G11 chassis was used in Dynatron sets and finally, if memory serves me right, the K30 chassis which was one of the “Kleuren” (might have spelt it wrong) series chassis designed and produced not in the UK, the G11 having been “our” swansong….”

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