The last sets to carry the Ekco brand name were re-badged versions of the Pye 731/741 series of sets. Pye switched to the G11 chassis in 1978 and the essential difference between the basic versions was the cabinet styling and the user controls.

The Philips G22C660 – the basic Philips model had the new version of the Philips “Electrobutton” channel selector (these were often troublesome and Philips recommended an upgrade kit which consisted of the same channel selector unit as was fitted to the later 700 model). The Philips also had a real teak veneered cabinet.

The basic Pye was model CT450 and had an imitation veneer cabinet with the option of a rosewood coloured variant. The channel selector was quite different with each button having an LED to show when it was in use.

Apart from the styling and the user controls, there was little difference between the Pye and Philips models.

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