G8 Chassis Design

The G8 Chassis Design (NB: this section is under development)

The Philips G8 chassis was officially unveiled at a 1970 trade show to great industry acclaim.  The initial chassis was development took place between 1968 and 1970.

The first set to incorporated the G8 chassis was the G22K520.  This featured the fully solid state G8 design and a 22 inch 90 degree CRT.  The earliest examples of the G22K520 may have appeared in 1970 and certainly by 1971 when G6 based set production stopped.

g8_cha1 g8_cha2 g8_cha5 g8_cha8 g8_cha9 g8_cha10

The G8 Modules

The initial G8 chassis was made up of 6 main modules:

Power supply (click for a bigger image).

g8_cha11 g8_cha12 g8_cha13 g8_cha14 g8_cha15 g8_cha16 g8_cha17 g8_cha18 g8_cha19

All modules were made up of edge connectors and/or plugs and socket for ease of servicing.  Service information was printed on the panels and a large number of test points provided.

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