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PHILIPS 8th Generation (G8 Chassis) 1971 to 1977


The Philips G8 chassis represented the second production colour TV design from the company for the UK market.  Models based on the design were in production between 1970 and 1977 (I understand 1970 to 1971 was the G6/G8 change over years).

The Plates below show a selection of G8’s.

 Please click for more info and a bigger picture.

philipsg8 1

Plate 1 – Philips G26K521 This beast weighed 52kg (115lbs)

philipsg8 522

Plate 2 – Philips G26K522

philipsg8 523

Plate 3 – Philips G22K523

philipsg8 524

Plate 4 – Philips G22K524

philipsg8 532

Plate 5 – Philips G26K532/01

Glen Welsh Anorak has kindly provided the following shots of the G8 range from a rare Philips publication:


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