General CRT Data

This page has general CRT data for the period:

From Glyn

“Delta gun tubes in Philips sets:-
G6 duals: A63-11X (25″ sets) and the A56-120X in the later rare G22K503
G6 singles: A56-120X, A63-120X and A66-120X (22″, 25″ and 26″)
Note: the difference between the – A63-11X and the -120X was the former had a rimband and the latter used the more usual ‘push through presentation’ as it was called. So you could replace a -11X with a -120 but not vice versa.

G8: A56-120X in the 22″ sets, A66-120X in the 26″ and A51-220X in the 20″ 560
G9: A66-140X 110-degree delta gun (26″ only)

G11: A51-510X (rare 20″ with offset EHT connector) A56-510X and A66-510X for 22″ and 26″ sets; early models may have -500x with different heater current.

KT3, KT4 – A51-570X for 20″ models (short-lived in-line)
K30, K35, K40 – 30AX series A56-540X and A66-540X

Then later models such as the 2A used both 30AX and 45AX FST tubes. That’s getting a bit too modern, I suspect!

Glyn ”

From Maarten

“The 30AX (A..-540X) was first introduced on the continent in the K12i and K12Z chassis, if I remember correctly. The K11 chassis and the K12 without a suffix had a 20AX tube. “

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