Faults & Issues

This is where details of any common faults and issues with the Philips G an K series (plus other Philips related designs) sets go.

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  1. Robert

    From Alistair (Alistair D)

    “It is interesting to note that the biggest reliability problem with the G11 chassis is one of the least mentioned points in the article. Dry solder joints were prolific on this model.

    With the introduction of flow soldering processes there should have been a consistency not achievable by hand soldering. Alas what the Philips production departments were not aware of was that the constant reuse of the solder allowed small quantities of copper from the component leads to contaminate the solder.
    Very small quantities of copper in solder makes the joint brittle and unable to deal with the the flexing caused by the temperature changes hence the problem.

    The classic indicators of a solder joint that contains too much copper is that that the joint is a dull grey colour and that the surface of the solder has a rough appearance.

    Al “

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