Early Philips Colour TV

Early Philips Colour TV

Philips TV 1967 to 1978

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First of all I think a little introduction is in order! My name is Robert and I am in my mid-late fifties. I was born in Coventry and haved lived in sunny Suffolk for well over 20 years.  I really hope you like my somewhat nostalgic and indeed quite technical website.  This website was started in 2011 and has grown in fits and starts, based on time and my enthusiasm.  I feel it is very important to maintain a record of these wonderful creations on-line so that they are never forgotten.

I retired from work in September 2014 having taken voluntary redundancy. I was a Local Government Officer and have been involved in the electronics and communications (and IT) industry for some 39 years. I have an HNC in Electrical & Electronic Engineering and an honours degree BSc(Hons) in Electronics and Communications Engineering (from The Open University).

I am a radio amateur and my call sign is G6GSG which shows how old I really am! During the early 1980’s I was a keen TV DXer and built and operated a colour TV transmitter on 70cm.

Robert - Webmaster and Philips Fan (right). Webmaster's wife Lucy (The good looking blonde - left). Lucy has threatened to leave me if I bring any old TV sets into our house!

Robert – Webmaster and Philips Fan (right). Webmaster’s wife Lucy (The good looking blonde – left).

If you would like to contact me with corrections, additions or ideas for new articles for the website please do email me – robert.grimley@gmail.com

Robert L Grimley BSc (Hons)

NB: I am always in search of data and material pertaining to Philips produced B/W and Colour TVs and VCRs from the 1965 to 1980 period.

If you have any Service Manuals/Circuits/Advertising Blurb/Images/Reviews/Memorabilia/Restoration Project Stories that relates to UK, Continental or Worldwide Philips models/sets (or Philips chassis derivatives e.g. Pye etc.) either in hard copy or better still electronic form please do get in contact.

This web-log is 100% funded by myself and I post all material I receive freely to fellow enthusiasts.  If you think you can help, please email: robert.grimley@gmail.com

You will receive full credit on this website for anything you can provide.

Thanks in advance…



  1. Hi Andy

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Yeah I was a youngish lad when the G8 was the flavour of the month! I’m sure working on sets these days must be boring in comparison to the golden years. I remember changing mains dropper sections in the ‘dead-sets’ in the TV shop I worked in when I was around 14 (that was my speciality!!!).



  2. davidandcarl

    Hi Robert. I’m a keen Philips K9 enthusiast in New Zealand and still have the original 22 inch K9 that my parents purchased in 1973. I also have a 22 inch K9-2 and although both sets have good pictures, they take several minutes now to warm up. Can new tubes still be bought for these early models?
    The picture quality is still good on these old sets, but, I now notice that they are not strong in full sunlight compared to the new sets. Is this how they always were, or is it something that comes with age?
    Unfortunately there are not many of these original sets around anymore in New Zealand.
    Cheers, Carl.

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